What is a watershed?

Why protect this watershed?

Of the entire Mobile River Basin, the Coosa Sub-basin is the largest and most biologically diverse for aquatic species.

Of the Coosa River Basin, Choccolocco Creek is the most diverse tributary in Alabama for gastropods (snails, clams, mussels).

Choccolocco Creek is home to 70 difference species of fish! Many of which are threatened or endangered: Holiday Darter, Pygmy Sculpin and Blue Shiner for example.

The Alabama State Wildlife Action Plan targets Choccolocco Creek watershed for protection.

We have a Vision

To develop a consolidated stewardship effort comprised of informed stakeholders of Choccolocco Creek with a common interest in implementing strategies to improve, protect, and promote the watershed.

Our Goals

Organize opportunities for community involvement in watershed improvement and protection activities.

Provide a resource for objective exchange of information about the Choccolocco Creek Watershed.

Educate the community about the ecological significance of the Choccolocco Creek watershed for the region and how to protect these resources.

Promote sustainable land use practices in the Choccolocco Creek Watershed.

Get Involved


Kevin Jenne Watershed Coordinator

1413 Hillyer Robinson Parkway

Anniston, AL 36207

256-835-7821 Ext. 3

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